Abdullah Miniawy

An expression of religion, revolution and freedom. 



- Le Cri Du Caire collection
- Étudiants du tiers monde
- Le dossier de l'oppressio
- Les maisons d'argile
- Kill me or Negotiate  
- Falling from the 8th Floor


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- Far from being some ‘cultural exchange’ or anything as painfully Graceland-ian as that, The Act Of Falling From The 8th Floor is a collaboration that taps into a universally vital sense of personal fear. The quietus 2020. more

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- The record is a meditative and provoking listen focused around a poem where Abdullah is the protagonist, jumping from the 8th floor of a building in Cairo. While falling he describes what he sees, painting a dark picture of Egyptian society. Venice Biennale 2019

- Shortlisted in 'Best Actor Award' nomination for the principal role of Tlamess ACC 2020.. more

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     Abdullah Miniawy

       ‘an expression of religion, revolution and freedom’

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Abdullah Miniawy, born in 1994, is an Egyptian writer, chanter, composer and actor. Having shared the stage with artists like Erik Truffaz, Kamilya Jubran, Yom, Médéric Collignon, Aly Talibab and Carl Gari, he performed on prestigious international stages and venues such as Festival d’Avignon, Institute of Contemporary Arts London or Haus Der Kunst Munich.

Besides his professional music career, Abdullah proved to be a natural acting talent by playing the main role in Alaadine Slim's "Tlamess". The Tunisian feature film was part of the Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs) at Cannes Film Festival 2019. It won the award for the best full-length feature film at Kino Der Kunst 2020 as well as the Best Director Award at Marrakech International Film Festival 2020. He was nominated to best actor award from arab cinema center in cannes the following year.

Abdullah Miniawy was chosen by the European parliament in Strasbourg as one of three change makers based in the Schengen area to present a French-Egyptian artist perspective on today's crucial challenges at the European Youth Event 2021. He was also invited to "Europe takes part" he discussed among 30 diverese speakers a new economical model and digital solutions for artists after the pandemic.

Since 2016 he has been collaborating with the German trio Carl Gari (Jonas Yamer, Till Funke, Jonas Friedlich) melding avantgardist electronic soundscapes with poetic lyrics. Their first record "Darraje" was selected as one of the best 50 albums of 2016 by the American NPR. With their most recent output being released as part of the Berlin Atonal "More Light" compilation, they came together before on AD93 (formerly Whities) for a 6 track mini-album. "The Act of Falling from the 8th Floor" was featured by Pitchfork, The Quietus and Wire Magazine, while Resident Advisor placed "Zawaj" among the best tracks of 2019, top of the list "Deep Listening".

Vital projects : Le Cri du Caire & Erik Truffaz,  Abdullah Miniawy &  Carl Gari , Abdullah Miniawy & Simo Cell, Abdullah Miniawy & Hvad.