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2023 Tour Dates

14/01/2023 Bonlieu, Scène nationale d’Annecy Abdullah Miniawy, Peter Corser, A Fileta
25/01/2023 Scène nationale d’Orléans Le Cri Du Caire invites Médéric collignon
27/01/2023 (Postponed) Hundebiss night, Cox 18 Milan x Hvad
3 to 17/02/2023 Residency at Inkonst (Abdullah Miniawy Solo)
28/02/2023 Moulin du Roc, Scène nationale de NIORT Le Grand Orchestre du Tricot, Guest Abdullah Miniawy
02/03/2023 Le Safran, Amiens Abdullah Miniawy, Peter Corser, A Filetta
04/03/2023 Théâtre de Cornouaille – Scène nationale de Quimper Abdullah Miniawy, Peter Corser, A Filetta
09/03/2023 Le Cri Du Caire release party, Cafe de la danse, Paris
11/03/2023 KALAS LIEBFRIED : LEATHER COATED DRONES (Abdullah Miniawy Solo) Munich, Germany
18/03/2023 festival detours de babel Abdullah Miniawy Launch, invites Robinson Khoury and Jules Boittin
27/03/2023  Le Cri Du Caire Album Release Party, New Morning Paris
05/04/2023 Maison de la Culture d'Amiens Le Grand Orchestre du Tricot (Guest)
6/04/2023 Sacred music festival of Perpignan Abdullah Miniawy, Peter Corser, A Filetta
13/04/2023 Théâtre de Cornouaille, scène nationale de Quimper Le Grand Orchestre du Tricot (Guest)
24-28/04/2023 Masterclass ‘Words to sounds’ at Maison Populaire - Montreuil (Few seats available)
29/04/2023 Intonal Festival, Malmo Sweeden (Abdullah Miniawy Solo premiere)
17/05/2023 Literature Festival Stuttgart Creation (Abdullah Miniawy and Ahmed Katlish)
01/06/2023 L’Agora, Boulazac Abdullah Miniawy, Peter Corser, A Filetta-
03/06/2023 L’Astrada, Marciac Abdullah Miniawy, Peter Corser, A Filetta
07/06/2023 L'Arsenal à Metz Le Grand Orchestre du Tricot (Guest)
11/08/2023 Festival de Chaillol, entre Alpes et Provence
23/09/2023 Cavern in Lozère Le Cri Du Caire
24/09/2023 Cavern in Lozère Le Cri Du Caire
03/10/2023 Cité des Congrès à Nantes Le Grand Orchestre du Tricot (Guest)
13/10/2023 Fosses Le Cri Du Caire

Abdullah Miniawy, born in 1994, is an Egyptian expressionist, writer, chanter, composer and actor. Having shared the stage with artists like Erik Truffaz, Kamilya Jubran, Yom, Médéric Collignon, Aly Talibab, A Filetta and many others. He has performed on prestigious international stages and venues such as Festival d’Avignon edition 72, French national theaters, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Haus Der Kunst museum, Munich, or the Louvre in Paris, and more.

Besides his professional music career, Abdullah proved to be a natural acting talent by playing the main role in Alaadine Slim's "Tlamess". The Tunisian feature film was part of the Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs) at Cannes Film Festival 2019. It won the award for the best full-length feature film at Kino Der Kunst 2020 as well as the Best Director Award at Marrakech International Film Festival 2020. He was nominated then shortlisted for the best actor award from Arab Cinema Center in Cannes's market the year after.

As a composer he composed many different sound tracks for dance shows, theater pieces and exhibitions, notably headed by Cabaret Crusade III by Wael Shawki premiered in Moma ps1, AMDUAT by Kirsten Dehlholm premiered in Hotel Pro forma, Insurrection by Jilani Saadi.

Abdullah Miniawy was chosen by the European parliament in Strasbourg as one of three change makers based in the Schengen area to present a French-Egyptian artist perspective on today's crucial challenges at the European Youth Event 2021 in Live fully Section. He was also invited to "Europe takes part" among 30 diverse speakers to discuss a new economical model and digital solutions for artists after the pandemic.

Since 2016 he has been collaborating with the German trio Carl Gari melding avantgardist electronic soundscapes with poetic lyrics. Their first record "Darraje" was selected as one of the best 50 albums of 2016 by the American NPR. With their most recent output being released as part of the Berlin Atonal "More Light" compilation, they came together before on AD93 (formerly Whities) for a 6 track mini-album. "The Act of Falling from the 8th Floor" was featured by Pitchfork, The Quietus and Wire Magazine, while Resident Advisor placed "Zawaj" among the best tracks of 2019, top of the list "Deep Listening".

As a writer, his lyrics were sprayed in the middle east region during the arab spring notably in Yarmouk camp in Syria.
Vital projects : Le Cri du Caire & Erik Truffaz,  Abdullah Miniawy &  Carl Gari , Abdullah Miniawy & Simo Cell, Abdullah Miniawy & Hvad.


       Shipster           The Act of Falling    
                          From the 8th Floor

       Darraje     Notice a Tiny Scratch
                   for the Blue Behind

Between the bullet and
the front sight, casting lots

                    KILL ME OR NEGOTIATE

                                                                                                                                                   Homepage photo by Helene Bozzi
                                                                                                                                                   Biography artwork by Justin Urbach  


Carl Gari