” La Voix Est Libre ” Tokes carry words came out from l’fayoum.


Firstly I wish what I collected in my vocabularies’ bag expresses what’s deep inside, here we go
” Sunny day in l’fayoum town just a countrian village with some few buildings about ninety kilo meters from cairo, The Buffaloes walking chewing and looking around slowly.
me with my laptop mom and family and I got an E-mail from one hundred copies space from Mahmoud Refat the manger of the space. he was telling that he’s invited me to a show with a french people called Jazz No Mads/ Les voix est libre shutting my laptop down and go downstairs to smoke shisha in a close local cafe called “Captin” the place is just a chapter in my long journey its hero called Abu Kareem ” the shisha man ” he’s the only motivation he always calls me Basha and pushs my works up.
I can’t trust my music I have the longlife worries that there’s something missed me and my poems , my voice , electronic project , a big band , a huge orchestra! however I love drowning in the details .

A sudden call from the studio get ready to 7th of Avril for a work shop with the guys they confirmed your role in the project so practice for the play.

Now I got a chance to take a part in a huge project and in it’s first launch in the middle east and to prove how your music deserves .

I asked some friends from l’fayoum to lend me about 4 dollars to get to cairo now i’m at the studio waiting for the teamwork since 10 Am I’ve no place to sleep at I felt that i’m homeless how come a musician with 4 Egp pounds, in the first day and just one cigarette with me I asked Mohamed Sami a violinist to share some of his cigarettes waiting for the guys talking and socializing your stomach paining you , you didn’t eat since two days missing your home and your family and how your mom cooking.

Mehdi Haddab an Electric Oud player arrived to the studio with a leather jacket shining with a beautiful Oud case with some interesting colors and sounds moving around him. in the company of Blaise Merlin the director of the festival.

Everyone went to say Hey to them I was really shy it’s my first time to deal with french people I was trying to avoid any conversation shy of my language experience you know this feeling ,right? I measure everything on my soul when I feel something I feel everyone feels the same.

Now we’re at the studio and it was the most beautiful language we used to talk be soul and music strings and vibes.

Ahmed Saleh is a great electronic music writer holding his tools and controllers beside his laptop next to him Mehdi , and Sami and I can’t see where exactly I was.
i’m invisible just a body, but I was flying around and around.

The Last scene
we’re all sitting backstage in the first show in El Falaki a great group of creative musicians in addition to the previous names Médéric Collignon (voice and trumpet), Mohamed Shafik a dancer / and electronic music writer , Marlène Rostaing (dance, acrobatics, vocal improv) , Élise Caron (vocal improv) , Élise Dabrowski (double bass, classical singing, vocal improv), Jörg Müller (hanging tubes), Peter Corser (saxophone), Philippe Gleizes (drums) .
we still touring for three days of grace I’m silent but proud in experience like that you have to absorb and heal some lessons as a person and as a musician.

after a great tour taught me a touchable thing and after some troubles prevented me to attend to Paris to complete what we started together. you can imagine how I learnt from this experience if you imagined me standing and my back to a great wall holding my trumpet thinking about my upcoming album and writing musical sheets with birds.
Credit Photo:  Ahmed Kmanana.

Abdullah Miniawy 1, oct 2014 .

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