[Feb. / March]

Hello Again, I’m leaving Paris to Munich this afternoon for a long road trip since a while, I start the tour shoulder to shoulder with Carl-Gari at 10th Feburary / KAMMERSPIELE/ Munchen, celebrating our new release shipster released few days ago on Permanent Vacation Label. Check the dates above for more stations & dates [inc. Tunisia , Netherlands , Germany France]

* Munich / Germany <Kammerspiele> 10.2.18 < with carl-gari >
* Chemnitz / Germany <Weltecho> 12.2.18 < with carl-gari>
* Amsterdam  Red Light radio 22.2.18 < with Atlas Electronic >
* Amsterdam <Tropenmuseum “KIT”> 23.2.18
* Tunis residency 6.3.18 to 13.3.18
* Tunis – Yüka 3.3.18
* Tunis – modern literature workshop by Abdullah Miniawy (contact/us)
* France , Toulouse <Theater Garonne> 20.3.18

For further information/

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