The Act of Falling from the 8th Floor

translation by Jonas Yamer & Abdullah Miniawy
released September 6, 2019 on whities


In the name of the glorified rose/fruit/flower
who never fills her jar
Sacrifice her grandfather!
and lift the curtain/ and peel her!


I beg you, man who ploughs
if I left after being a witness to the accident
please don't erase its traces (spuren)


The boys of the mountain didn't come back without Hela
The boys of the mountain came back for Hela
The boys of the mountain came back down from Hela


Mostly we obey this
Generally we are obeying without delinking easily
Mostly we taste this while hanging on that


Dear Gaia,
if the breast is too heavy,
give it to the chosen one!


During the Act of falling from the 8th floor
Everyone is standing behind you
Their hands trying to reach you to call you valuable
But you can't find any value among them
The ringing sound of the molar teeth and the spoons
Makes you forget the height
You're gonna be ok, I'm sure
And I will be stuck between two floors
The Act of falling from the 7th floor
Once you forgive your ears
your skipping rope turns into a hangman's rope.
An official order to arrest you,
so tell me what you want to hold
a flower, a piece of concrete or easily the wires
your wife's or a neighbor's arm, or a bird's cage,
windows or walls or slides,
The situation is full of slides
The Act of falling from the 6th floor
I'm hanging from the collar
I'm waving in the air with my body
And I just broke the metallic arm I was hanging from
And the whole neighborhood is watching me in my high position
All of them are reaching for me
because they think I'm a burglar
The Act of falling from the 5th floor
The ticket prices in the theaters are so high
And we are underpaid
Please open the gates to the people knocking them
The Act of falling from the 4th floor
Your forced leg is hitting the columns
So you spin
And your nails get used to the metal
In the name of the mercy and the receiver
The Act of falling from the 3rd floor
All the names are so far now
The ground is closer
and someone is ploughing your eyebrows
to pile up the last floor
In the second floor
an ambulance, an insurance, interviewers, reporters, and people having circular mouths
I'm slipping on their eyebowls
starers and the smart alecks
High diving from the first floor
Taking you again to floor number 9